New Labyrinth Perennials Planted

Yesterday the temperatures stayed in the low to mid-eighties, the humidity was low, and it was a fine spring day to plant the newest additions to the meditation circle: 18 ‘Pikes Peak Purple’ Penstemon (Beardtongue). Having underestimated size of the area to be planted, I found another six plants would have been desirable. In lieu of that I arranged what I had into six groups of three, leaving some space in-between.

It took many hours to plant these perennials, not the 30 minutes originally allotted as the soil still has a lot of clay.  I combined garden soil reclaimed from the recent fence project with bagged soil conditioner to try to improve the labyrinth’s soil.

This penstemon variety is not as stately as the two Husker Reds planted earlier in the spring. The leaves are narrower and wispier, with a lighter green color that unfortunately blends, rather than contrasts, with the surrounding grass.

The more plants I put along the meditation path the more it seems to need. More browsing at garden centers and visiting favorite gardens for ideas may provide inspiration. It will be wonderful to have the entire meditations circle in bloom eventually.

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