Native and Non-native Scenes

Bishops' Weed

Along the north side of the house is a narrow bed filled with the non-native ground cover, Aegopodium podograria (Bishops’ Weed).  This seems to be the cultivar, Variegatum.

Bishops’ Weed is invasive in some states, but not in North Carolina. Two months ago I considered whether to eradicate this plant from the garden, but simply did not have time.  Now it is blooming profusely and looks so delicate and pretty it makes it hard to be tough with it!


The Tradescantia Virginiana (Spiderwort) is a native perennial, but it is very aggressive in this garden. (It was never a problem in my previous garden, which was much shadier.)

It has a wonderful color and dainty flower, so it gets favored status despite the diligence it requires to tame it back.

Tradescantia and Bishops' Weed

One of the places Tradescantia is thriving is in same area as the Bishops’ Weed. Together they create a spring garden vignette of pure charm.

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