The Garden Mid-May


The garden has been left largely on its own this week with very little intervention:  no deadheading, trimming, shaping, relocating, or new planting. But it has been under observation.

The focus has shifted from irises.  Other interesting perennials are beginning to stand out.  Some look lovely where they are; some are obviously drifters that would never have been placed where they currently call home, inserting themselves into others’ territory; and others stand abandoned, their intended partner plantings lost due to deer damage or drought or perhaps to shifts in sun and shade patterns within the garden.

As part of the garden renovation begun in January, the garden has been enhanced with a Blue Point juniper hedge, a 4-foot picket fence and a meditation garden with a labyrinth.  These major projects have given the garden a boost of character and charm and made the garden a serene and peaceful place to enjoy.

Next up is to evaluate, restore and improve the conscious design of the plantings, with consideration to texture, color, plant heights and growing seasons.  Many of the existing plants have been in the garden since 2001, with most of those brought along from a previous garden.  Many are pass-along plants that hold special meaning and memories of people, times and places. This next phase of the garden’s redesign will aim to rein in the wayward and the aggressive ones, but also to highlight these wonderful plants that feel so much like old friends.

In the Garden Today

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