Meditation Garden – More To Do

Progress on the meditation garden and labyrinth is very slow.

The roto-tilling was magical (for about six hours). The next day after the roto-tilling had been completed, rain poured for hours. Normally the rains are welcome in this garden but not this time, as the soil is now all packed and clumped again and will have to be reworked.

A stack of bricks offered by a neighbor more than a few years ago finally are being put to good use to form an edging around the meditation circle.  Setting in the bricks is tedious, but the end result will look nicer than the black plastic edging that had been considered at first because of its practicality.

Each step of the way this project has been a challenge.  The work creeps along.

Other garden news: the new fence is scheduled to be installed early next week.  There still are a few plants to relocate before the workmen arrive.  Especially in a garden, projects beget projects.


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