Meditation Garden Taking Shape

This early morning bird’s-eye view shows the placement of the meditation circle within the overall garden.  I love that the circle seems like a peace symbol.

Digging out grass to form the meditation labyrinth has become a meditation in itself.

Having underestimated the task of cutting up and turning over the existing sod I have spent seven or eight hours outlining the circle with a spade, then moving around the circle’s interior.  The back right-hand section has been cut into strips and just need to be flipped over, but many more hours are needed to complete the labyrinth.

The weather yesterday, when the bulk of this digging was accomplished, was close to perfect for the task at hand.  A few clouds moved in and out, the sun warmed the air but was not intense. Low humidity made the day very pleasant.

As I worked, a few distractions, voices, lawn mowers and such, drifted into my consciousness then out again as a satisfying rhythm emerged.  The repetition of the work provided a meditative manta. Lift the shovel. Force it straight down. Rock it back and forth. Lift up the sod. Lift the shovel…

The meditation garden is taking shape in form and purpose.

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