Mulching The Garden

The mulch  (12 cu. yd.) was delivered and spread yesterday across the garden beds and foundation plantings–part of a 3-man job that spanned more than seven hours. The crew also took out the needlepoint hollies (which I had so carefully pruned a couple of weeks ago).  The hollies were unceremoniously dug around, cut out, and removed from the back of the house. Several needed to come out to make room for the new fence and it was a perfect time to eradicate them all to prevent their enormous roots from damaging the foundation.

Though I had weeded much of the last five days, there were still sections I did not get a chance to weed personally.  The crew helped with the clearing of the final areas, which helped move the project along, but I did miss getting to inspect and make mental notes about those parts.

Some plants I’d noticed earlier in the week and had planned to monitor, such as the zinnias volunteering along the side garden, are buried under a thick layer of double-shredded hardwood mulch.  Normally I am the sole keeper in the garden and I had not thought to walk around first and point out the special places to preserve. It may be too late to salvage some of the zinnias and other things I wanted to nurture, but I will spend some time this week inspecting under the mulch.

Having the garden cleared and mulched is a satisfying step, one that frees my focus of activity from strictly maintenance and more into design and choice of plants. The garden renovation will take a long time to complete, but the journey is underway with lessons to be learned at every turn.

Daylight savings time arrived at 2:00 a.m. and the weather is warming now (about 72 yesterday).

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