Meditation Path Plans

Plans for a five-circuit garden labyrinth up to 24 feet in diameter are under consideration as part of the garden renovation.

Contemporary designs may be easier to integrate into this rectangular back yard garden location, but it seems that the circular labyrinth will fit and is the preferred choice.

Over the last few days some basic measurements have been taken and drawings made, accomplished by laying out a grid in the garden composed of 8-foot units and marking it with surveyor flags.  How to orient the labyrinth is unresolved but one idea is to enter from the patio.

Decisions about materials are complicated by budget, maintenance and other feasibility considerations.  Plans now are to kill the grass and mulch the entire circle.  Inexpensive stepping stones may be added for the path.  Small plants will accentuate the path and serve as the walls: candytuft, creeping moss, and thyme seem to be good choices, filled in with annuals this summer.  Lavenders and other small, fragrant plants will be nice as well.  Liriope muscari (not spicata, the creeping aggressive variety) may also help define the path.

Next step is to mark out the path with some temporary surveyor’s spray paint and try to get a feel for the effect of the meditation path.

2 thoughts on “Meditation Path Plans

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Hi, Judy,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I selected a unicursal maze so there will be one path in and one path out. It is not set in stone yet though. If implementation gets too overwhelming I may opt for just a series of winding paths at first.


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