Reflections On A Rainy Afternoon


Rain showers started around lunchtime on this fifty-degree late February day, prompting a delay in planting some newly acquired iberis sempervirens (candytuft) and two new Daphne odora. The garden should be mildly refreshed, but much more serious rainfall is needed.

Fence and Hollies

During the last several weeks the idea sprang up (once again) of completing a fence around the garden to help provide a backdrop for the perennials. The recent, extensive pruning of hollies, gardenias and cypresses was done to clear the property line, just in case.

Complicating the decision about getting a fence are a dozen needlepoint hollies that were installed in 2001 as foundation plants along the back of the house.  The hollies came as part of the builder’s landscaper package without a red alert indicating they would grow enormous roots that could endanger the foundation eventually.

Several of the hollies will need to be removed to make way for the fence.  Should they all just come out now?  Descriptions of how to wrestle them out of the ground make it clear the undertaking would not be for the faint-of-heart.

The idea of putting in a fence is using up a lot of time and energy.  It would be costly as well. The resulting improvement would greatly enhance and elevate the garden’s overall structure and beauty.

Reminders – Why Garden?

Scenes from this garden in previous years propel, excite and encourage me to continue working through the garden’s renovation details.

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