Garden Path Ideation

Southern Side Path

During this garden renovation some form of a simple meditation path will be created.  The layout for the path is under consideration.  A Chartres-style path would be nice but probably will not work in this small quarter-acre space and a more contemporary, free-form path is appealing.

One aspect to think about is what material to use to build the path.

Red hexagonal or square blocks will be the most inexpensive solution, but the blue slate used currently in the southern side path is attractive and appealing.

Colonial Williamsburg has well-designed formal gardens, many with oyster-shell paths, but the shells are not workable in my garden.

Williamsburg has oyster shell walkways

Path material ideas from local garden tours

Other path ideas noticed on local garden tours might work well:

Large, thick stones are very substantial and evoke permanence. Too costly for now.

Large stones would make a special path

The soft crunching sound of gravel is interesting, but will the gravel be content to stay in place.

Simple gravel path

Curving path

These round stones are effectively placed and would be easier to install than the other options. The various path materials have merits. A simple path like this will work fine for now.

A gentle curving of the path’s direction will give the garden a bit of perspective and help create a journey for the garden visitor.

Time to map out the layout of the garden’s pathways.

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