For The Birds

Welcome the birds. Today I finished clearing away the debris from pruning the hollies, gardenias and cypresses this week. As I worked in the day’s chill, remembering yesterday’s mid-seventies warmth, the garden was full of bird activity. Songs, warnings and general bird chatter signaled the rhythm of approach and retreat as I removed trimmings from the garden areas.  A mockingbird was particularly insistent at my intrusion.

The cardinals and house finches and black-capped chickadee enjoyed the restocked feeder, then sat restively in the young red maple.

The robins are back in good numbers with a least a dozen making the rounds all day from tree to post, then tapping at the grass uncovering yummy delicacies. When it seemed safe they sipped, then splashed, at the freshly filled bird baths.

Late this afternoon the robins were joined by several dozen or more cedar waxwings.  The cedar waxwings feasted on the bountiful holly berries, an occurrence observed only once before in this garden.

The sun came out for the last hour of the day. As sunset approached, a serene calm settled over the garden as the various birds found safe quarters for the night. The sky glowed pink for a moment.

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