New Juniper Hedge

The installation of five junipers along the southern border this weekend marked the satisfying start of some renovation work in the garden.  The selected plants, Blue Point Junipers, are medium growing, pyramidal, coniferous evergreens.  Blue Points are deer-resistant, drought tolerant, like sun, and will fill in to make a nice screening hedge.

The final height and spread will not be known for some number of years.  The garden center itself had contradictory information, but for this garden the is for 8-10 feet tall with 3-4 feet spread. Should they end up with 10-14 feet height, that would be ok; but a 4-8 feet spread would likely be too crowded.

Family: Cupressaceae
Genus: Juniperus
Species: J. chinensis
Juniper chinensis ‘Blue Point’

3 thoughts on “New Juniper Hedge

  1. John Schulz

    It has been my experience that the blue point junipers will need some judicious pruning to keep them from becoming straggly. Good light helps with this, but a bit of shaping will make them stronger in the long run.


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