Spiraea Buds

Spiraea Buds 1-27-2011

Spiraea Buds 1-27-2011

As January nears its end, the spiraea buds tease and promise.

Based on its blooming history, this shrub, also known as bridal wreath, may start opening in another four weeks. It has been a much colder winter though overall, so one can’t be too anxious.

Family: Rosaceae
Subfamily: Spiraeoideae
Genus: Spiraea


Spiraea 1-6-2011

An unidentified egg case, observed dangling from a spiraea branch several weeks ago, is no longer around.

This spiraea was a gift from an elderly relative many years ago for my previous garden. It was one of many transplants from that garden that has found a new home here, bringing memories of people and place.

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