Meditation Path

One desirable feature for the garden’s new design is a meditation path. Since there is no space or budget for a full Chartres 11-circuit labyrinth, the layout will be unbound by traditional arrangement or spiritual principles.  Yet a simple stone path meandering gently among the garden plantings will help establish the garden as a setting with purpose.  A place to be, not just to view.  A destination for a peaceful walk, an invitation to explore.

Currently the garden has several little paths. Seen below in April, 2006, the is the back left corner of the garden where irises are guarding the little path. The irises on the right are Janpanese Iris from Kathleen’s yard in Idaho. Those on the left are from Henrietta’s Wave Road beds. Tansy in the left foreground from Phyllis T., provides a pretty texture.

Below is a blue slate path that runs along the southern side of the house, viewed here in June, 2006, with majestic cleome.


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